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This article was written on 17 Mrz 2013, and is filled under Keep on rockin!.

Time Machine

A trip through the Neil young time machine as an intro to Cinnamon Girl…
‚Break down the time machine now‘, he said as he stepped up to the mike and strangled the neck of his guitar. ‚Oh, wait a minute, I don’t know if it’s on.‘ ‚I think it is, it’s on. I can tell.‘ ‚ I’m going back, before some of you started out. Pschedelic Pill right there (squeezing out some high notes), Americana…hmmm, Americana? What the fuck was that? I loved that! Ok… I didn’t write it but…I give a shit. Chrome Dreams, Chrome Dreams 2, very amusing period, didn’t see much… whoa, what happened? Ragged Glory…Freedom,…Keep on Rockin in the Free World…Harvest Moon, that was very romantic…that was so quiet… I had to play so quiet because my ears hurt, because of Weld…Ragged Glory, the Mansion on the Hill…over and over…come straight to Horse…Rust Never Sleeps!…mumble, mumble, whoa, whoa….Comes a Time..Zuma…Tonight’s the Night…Harvest…whoa, where did that come from?…After the Goldrush…over here, over, I don’t want to go back any farther…Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere…I feel so good…I look at myself in the mirror and think: ‚You’re very good!, Why don’t you smoke another joint? Which I do…and then I start thinking about this girl, she had these things on her fingers, and she’d go like this (rubbing his fingers together and making a ka ching noise), they were little finger cymbals, and she could dance and dance with those finger cymbals, and move around, her body was great, she had a great body….(big pause)…that was verrry distracting….

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martin vallo >> don't spook the horse!

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